Our pourer - the "bubbler"

Serving that perfect drink is not always easy: traditional measuring jigs are messy as you inevitably overfill them and spill your precious liquid all over the table, and just going by eye is imprecise to say the least!

Our unique pourer - or "bubbler" as we like to call it - solves this problem. With it serving that perfect drink is not only easy and precise, but it is also elegant, and one which will impress your guests as much as you will appreciate its simple operation!

Using our bubbler

For the impatient amongst us, we have made a short video showing how to use the bubbler - you can find it here. For those that prefer to read, continue with the instructions below:

The bubbler replaces the existing cork. As the bubbler itself has a stopper at the end there is no need to remove it after use - just remember to replace the stopper as otherwise your precious liquid may just evaporate into thin air...

It's all in the wrist!

To fill the bubble, tilt your bottle so that the level of the bubble is below the neck of the bottle, with the spout pointing upwards.

The bubble will fill up and if you are holding it correctly, will level off just above the "T" junction, where the curved pipe meets the straight pipe. This is exactly 25ml - the standard "single" drink measure.

Pouring your measure

When the liquid in the bubbler is at the right level, just angle the bottom of the bottle up so that no more liquid can enter the bubbler. As long as the spout is higher than the bubble no liquid will pour out, and as long as the level of the bubbler is below the neck of the bottle, no liquid will run back either.

To pour your measure, now simply twist the bottle, pointing the spout down, allowing the liquid in the bubble to run into your glass. To pour a double drink, simply repeat the process.

If all of this sounded complicated, consider watching the video after all.

We would also recommend to practice using a bottle filled with water - once you have mastered the twist of the wrist pouring that perfect drink will soon become second nature!

Please remember that this is a glass product, and as with all glass can break - so do handle with care. To clean we recommend just washing it with warm water. If you use dishwashing liquid rinse thoroughly to not taint